• Dura Skrim 6 mil Clear String Reinforced Barrier

Dura-Skrim 6 Mil Clear String Reinforced Plastic Sheeting - The Standard In Construction Plastics

Our Dura-Skrim Reinforced Plastic sheeting is a high-strength plastic material enhanced with an added layer of string reinforcement to increase its toughness and durability. Engineered from polyethylene, our 6 mil reinforced plastic offers a combination of beneficial properties of tear resistance, and insulation capabilities.

6 Mil Dura Skrim Specs:

  • Diamond Pattern String Reinforced Plastic
  • Clear/Opaque Visibility
  • 6mil Thickness
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM E-84 standard, Class “A” for surface burning characteristics of building materials.

At Vapor Barrier Supply, our reinforced plastic sheeting offers a high level of durability and versatility that surpasses standard plastic sheeting, making it an essential material in construction & DIY applications.

What Is Reinforced Plastic Made Of?

The production of our reinforced plastic sheeting starts with raw materials, primarily polyethylene resin. The resin is heated and extruded to form a film, which is then cooled and wound onto large rolls. For the reinforcement, a diamond-shaped mesh fabric is embedded into the plastic during the extrusion process to produce a durable reinforced.

What Is Dura Skrim Used For?

Our 6 Mil Clear Dura-Skrim reinforced plastic sheeting can be used for a wide variety of applications:

Construction & Building: In the construction industry, our 6 mil reinforced plastic is often used as a vapor barrier, crawl space liner, or underlayment for floors and walls. Its high durability and water resistance make it ideal for protecting structures from moisture, dirt, and other external elements.

Environmental Applications: Dura-Skrim is also used in environmental applications like landfill covers, waste containment, and temporary erosion control.

Temporary Shelters and Covers:  Our 6 mil reinforced plastic weather resistance and durability make it suitable for temporary outdoor covers, shelters, or enclosures.

What is The Best Reinforced Plastic? Do You Offer Any Other Types of Reinforced Plastic Sheeting?

We consider our Dura-Skrim 20 Mil String Reinforced UV Resistant to be our best and highest quality reinforced plastic. We offer a wide range of reinforced plastic sheeting to suit all construction and DIY needs:

6 Mil White Reinforced Plastic - UV Stabilized

10 Mil Clear Reinforced Plastic - UV Resistant

20 Mil White Reinforced Plastic - UV Stabilized

All of our string reinforced plastic sheeting products are tested and engineered to be the highest quality and most dependable on the market. Looking for a custom order? Please contact us.

Can I Use Dura-Skrim 6 Mil Reinforced Plastic As A Vapor Barrier?

Yes, our 6 mil reinforced plastic sheeting can certainly be used as a vapor barrier. In fact, it's a common choice for this application due to its durability and resistance to moisture.

Our reinforced plastic is an excellent choice because the embedded string reinforcement makes it more resistant to tearing or puncturing, which are key qualities for a reliable vapor barrier.

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At Farm Plastic Supply, we don't just sell reinforced plastic sheeting and dura skrim, we sell a wide variety of specialty plastics:

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Please note: Our Products are packaged to minimize Shipping Cost and Shipping Delivery Times. Our Carriers deliver on time at a rate of 99%. Call with any Special Requests.

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Dura Skrim 6 mil Clear String Reinforced Barrier

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