20 Mil Vapor Barriers

Looking for a crawl space vapor barrier? We offer a wide selection of plastic vapor barriers for your basementcrawl space, or any construction application. Make vapor barrier installation a breeze with Vapor Barrier Supply.

We offer 6 mil crawl space vapor barriers, 8 mil vapor barriers, 10 mil vapor barriers, and 20 mil crawl space vapor barriers in different colors and different specs. Our 20 mil Vapor Barriers are strong and durable and make great Crawl Space Vapor Barriers. 

If you are looking for a construction grade crawl space vapor barrier, check out any of our Dura Skrim options. Engineered with a string-reinforcement, these crawl space vapor barriers are the strongest and most durable on the market.

Our 6 mil smooth vapor barrier plastic are great crawl space vapor barriers for basement walls, as they are lighter weight but still durable.

Concrete Vapor Barrier - 20 Mil

Concrete Vapor Barrier - 20 Mil

Concrete Vapor Barrier - 20 MilOur Concrete Vapor Barrier is a 20 mil heavy duty durable plastic she..


Dura Smooth Heavy Duty 20 mil Black/White Vapor Barrier

Dura Smooth Heavy Duty 20 mil Black/White Vapor Barrier

This tri-layer film has a thick white film on one side and a black film on the opposite side.  ..


Dura Skrim - 20mil - String Reinforced White Plastic Sheeting - UV Stabilized

Dura Skrim - 20mil - String Reinforced White Plastic Sheeting - UV Stabilized

Dura Skrim - 20mil - String Reinforced White Plastic Sheeting - UV StabilizedExtra Thick Heavy Duty ..


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20 Mil Vapor Barriers: The Ultimate Protection Solution

Welcome to Vapor Barrier Supply, your trusted source for high-quality 20 mil vapor barriers. Our 20 mil vapor barriers a a robust and durable plastic sheeting designed to protect buildings from moisture, mold, and harmful soil gases. 

It provides an essential shield, safeguarding the structural integrity and indoor air quality of your property.

Maximizing Durability: Benefits of Our 20 Mil Vapor Barrier

The key to our 20 mil vapor barrier's success lies in its durability. This vapor barrier acts like a strong shield, resisting tears, punctures, and degradation over time. 

It effectively locks out moisture and mitigates the risk of mold and mildew, ensuring a safer, healthier environment. The long-lasting nature of our 20 mil vapor barrier means you can rely on it for years to come, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

How Our 20 Mil Vapor Barrier Outperforms the Competition

At Vapor Barrier Supply, our 20 mil vapor barrier stands out for its superior performance. Unlike thinner alternatives, our vapor barrier provides enhanced strength and resilience

It's more effective at blocking moisture and gas, offering better protection than many other products on the market. This means more security and peace of mind for you.

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Cost-Effective Solutions: How Our 20 Mil Vapor Barrier Saves You Money

Investing in our 20 mil vapor barrier is not just a matter of quality; it's also a smart financial decision. The durability of our product means it lasts longer, reducing the need for repairs or replacements. Over time, this saves you money, making our 20 mil vapor barrier a cost-effective solution for protecting your property.

Vapor Barrier Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your 20 mil vapor barrier is straightforward. Regular inspections for any signs of damage or wear are recommended

If you do find any issues, prompt repairs will ensure your barrier continues to perform effectively. Fortunately, thanks to the resilience of our 20 mil vapor barrier, maintenance is typically minimal, saving you time and effort.

Why Choose Vapor Barrier Supply's 20 Mil Vapor Barrier?

Choosing Vapor Barrier Supply means selecting a 20 mil vapor barrier that's backed by expertise and a commitment to quality. Our vapor barrier is designed with your needs in mind, offering unparalleled protection and reliability. We take pride in providing a product that meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

Ready to Protect Your Home? Order Your 20 Mil Vapor Barrier Today!

Don't compromise on the safety and integrity of your property. Embrace the superior protection offered by our 20 mil vapor barrier. See for yourself the difference our products can make. 

Order your 20 mil vapor barrier today and take a step towards securing your home. Trust Vapor Barrier Supply for all your vapor barrier needs.