About Us

For 15 years, plastics have been our passion.  Through constant innovation and unrivaled commitment to our customers, we have been able to provide the highest quality plastic sheeting, cut to almost any conceivable size, to customers across the United States and Canada.  We have developed several new types of plastic, including the toughest construction film on the market, and have dedicated ourselves to acquiring and providing the best and newest products available.


A Brief History

In 2009, Mike Barbanente (BSME, focusing on manufacturing and materials) and Matt Randazzo (MSME, with a focus on polymers) entered the industry looking to supply farmers with affordable, high-quality plastics for agricultural use.  Their backgrounds as engineers provided them with the creativity and practicality necessary to keep innovating year after year.  Over the course of the next decade, they would expand their scope and reach to cover a multitude of needs in a wide variety of applications; from greenhouse films, to water containment, to construction liners.  Today, Mike, Matt and the rest of the Vapor Barrier Supply family offer over a dozen unique products, and ship anywhere in the United States and Canada, with all orders being fulfilled and shipped within 24 hours.


Our Ongoing Mission

Vapor Barrier Supply is committed to providing customers with superior quality, expedient service, and world class customer care in the plastics industry.  We will continue to rely on innovation, integrity and a culture of learning to guide us as we grow in the decades to come.

Vapor Barrier Supply:  The best products for the toughest jobs, competitively priced!