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Understanding the Importance of Plastic Vapor Barriers

A plastic vapor barrier's core purpose is to prevent moisture from seeping into structures, which can lead to a wide range of issues like mold growth, structural damage, and reduced insulation efficiency. 

Especially in areas like under house spaces or crawl spaces, where moisture can easily accumulate, a moisture barrier acts as an essential shield. When you're dealing with concrete structures, moisture can compromise the integrity of the material, making a barrier indispensable.

Why Choose Our Plastic Vapor Barriers?

Our vapor barriers stand out for various reasons. First, the superior quality of our moisture barriers ensures they remain intact and functional for years. They are crafted meticulously, ensuring each sheet of plastic or underlayment meets industry standards. 

The durability they offer means you don't have to revisit your installation frequently. Furthermore, our barrier tape enhances the efficiency, ensuring seams and joints are sealed perfectly. This is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier moisture barrier solutions.

The Science Behind Plastic Vapor Barriers

The effectiveness of our vapor retarders is grounded in science. At Vapor Barrier Supply, we're not just sellers; we're experts. We understand the intricate dynamics of insulation and how moisture can compromise it. 

Our barriers are the result of in-depth research and advanced technology. Whether you're considering a plastic barrier or pondering the advantages of underlayment for specific applications, know that our products have been engineered with precision. 

Every layer, every product, and every technique has been honed to create the optimal barrier for your construction needs or home improvement needs.

How Do I Install a Plastic Vapor Barrier In My Crawl Space?

  • Find the Crawl Space Entrance: First you need to find the entrance of the crawl space. The entry to a crawl space is not always easy to find. Sometimes it is located outdoors or along the outside wall of the crawl space. If the crawl space is beneath an addition, the entry may be in the basement wall. In other instances, you will find an indoor entry hatch in a closet, pantry, or utility area. If your floor has wall-to-wall carpeting, look for a square seam in the carpeting that indicates a hatch door.
  • Dry out the Crawl Space: Begin with a crawl space that is as dry as possible. Methods for drying out a crawl space include: using a dehumidifier; setting up fans; removing wet materials, and using a pump to discharge any standing water. You may need several days of effort to dry out the crawlspace before you venture down to lay vapor barriers over the ground.
  • Clean out the Crawl Space: Remove all debris and garbage, especially any material that is sharp and might puncture the plastic. Crawl spaces are notoriously messy, as construction workers often toss discarded building materials in this space. To the degree possible, level out the ground using a garden rake.
  • Roll Out and Cut the Plastic Sheeting: Begin at one side of the crawl space and lay down 6-mil or thicker polyethylene plastic over the entire crawl space. Cut the sheets to size, allowing 6 inches or more along walls. Overlap the seams by no less than 12 inches and secure them together with the poly PVC tape.
  • Attach Sheeting to Walls and Piers: Work around obstacles. With every house, you will encounter both outer support walls or columns and inner support piers and posts. For inner supports, cut the plastic sheeting to fit around them and seal the plastic against the supports using double-sided butyl tape. The goal is to provide a solid barrier against the ground. Where necessary, you can cut additional small pieces of plastic to seal any gaps and ensure a full barrier. Around the perimeter of the crawlspace, extend the plastic sheeting at least 6 inches up the walls and secure it in place with double-sided butyl tape.
  • Improve Crawl Space Ventilation: Ensure good ventilation. Plastic vapor barriers will prevent most water vapor from seeping up from the soil into your crawlspace, but improving cross ventilation through the crawlspace is an important additional method that will prevent any residual moisture from being trapped in the space. Vapor barriers greatly slow the migration of moisture vapor up from the ground, but without cross ventilation through the space, some moisture can still collect.

Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Plastic Vapor Barriers

Opting for a high-quality vapor retarder from Vapor Barrier Supply comes with a range of benefits. One of the immediate advantages is the tangible energy savings. With the prevention of moisture ingress, your insulation remains at peak efficiency, leading to better temperature regulation and energy savings. 

Next, our moisture barriers are an excellent guard against mold, which not only damages structures but also poses health risks. Lastly, with our barrier product installation, homeowners can enjoy enhanced comfort, knowing that their homes are shielded from unwanted moisture and the issues that come with it.

Browse our site to explore more, and lean on our expertise to make your space safe and energy-efficient. With Vapor Barrier Supply, you're investing in a future free from moisture-related woes.

The Importance Of a Great Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

One of the biggest benefits of using a crawl space vapor barrier is that it can help you to keep moisture out of your home and crawl space. Moisture can be bad for your home and for your health, so keeping it out is essential for keeping your family safe. Our Crawl Space Vapor Barriers are strong and durable and will keep your house dry and safe. We have a variety of Vapor Barrier options all of which are quality and will do a great job for you and your family. 

Comparing Vapor Barrier Supply Products: Find Your Perfect Match

Our diverse range of moisture barriers are tailored for different needs and environments. Whether you require a sturdy plastic barrier for under house applications or a specialized underlayment for concrete, Vapor Barrier Supply has a solution for every challenge:

Smooth Vapor Barriers

Black/White 6 mil Moisture Barrier

Dura Smooth Heavy Duty 20 mil Black/White Vapor Barrier

General Use Barriers

Heavy-Duty String Reinforced Barriers

Dura Skrim Black/White 6 Mil String Reinforced Barrier

Dura Skrim 6 mil Clear String Reinforced Barrier

Dura Skrim Clear String Reinforced 10 mil Barrier

Dura Skrim White 20 mil String-Reinforced Barrier

Concrete Vapor Barriers

10 Mil Concrete Barrier

15 Mil Concrete Barrier

20 Mil Concrete Barrier

Flame Retardant Vapor Barriers

6 Mil Dura Skrim Flame Retardant String Reinforced Barrier 

10 Mil Flame Retardant String Reinforced Vapor Barrier

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