Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth is an important product for any grower. Shade fabric provides UV protection for your plants, improves ventilation, reduces water requirements, and helps moderate greenhouse temperatures.

Our shade cloth for plants comes in different colors and percentages. The percentage listed is a light diffusion percentage. The amount of light diffusion necessary is based on the type of plant and the climate that you are growing in.

35-50% shade fabric is a great option for plants. Our 60% and higher shade fabric provides the optimal amount of light diffusion for light sensitive plants. 75% and higher is used to protect people, plants or animals from the intense sun, such as using shade cloth for a patio. 

Our greenhouse shade cloth for plants comes in different colors and light diffusion percentages. We have 50%-85% in light blockage percentage. The amount of light diffusion that is needed depends on the type of plant you are growing and the climate you are located in. We carry three different colors of greenhouse shade cloth which are: Black, White, Tan, and Gray

Black Shade Cloth

Black Shade Cloth

VBS Black Shade Cloth - The Best In The IndustryFor plants and greenhouses - This material provides ..


50% White Shade Cloth

50% White Shade Cloth

VBS 50% White Shade Cloth - The Best In The IndustryThe best in shade cloth for plants! This materia..


85% Tan Shade Cloth

85% Tan Shade Cloth

VBS 85% Tan Shade Cloth - The Best In The IndustryThe best in shade cloth for plants! This material ..


75% Gray Shade Cloth

75% Gray Shade Cloth

VBS 75% Gray Shade Cloth - The Best In The IndustryThe best in shade cloth for plants! This material..


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The Best Shade Cloth For Plants. High-Quality, Durable, and Cost-Effective

Every gardener knows that while sunlight is essential for plants, too much of it can be a problem. Just like we sometimes need a break from the blazing sun, plants housed in greenhouses can benefit from some shade too.

That's where greenhouse shade cloth comes in. At Vapor Barrier Supply, we've spent years perfecting the ideal shade solution. Drawing from our deep-rooted experience, we're here to offer you just what your plants need.

What Does the Percentage Mean for Greenhouse Shade Cloth?

The shade fabric percentage is the amount of light that the particular greenhouse shade cloth will block. The higher the percentage, the more light the shade fabric will block. 

60-90% shade cloth is commonly used in greenhouse, construction, and residential applications to protect construction sites or greenhouses to provide more shade for people and plants. 

Why You Need Shade Fabric For Plants

Sunlight is beneficial for plants, but in excess, it can be more harmful than beneficial. Just as we get sunburned after too much exposure, plants can suffer, slowing their growth or even causing them harm.

Our greenhouse shade cloths act like a pair of comfy sunglasses for your greenhouse, ensuring your plants get just enough light, without the burn.

Why Our Shade Cloth For Plants Stands Out

So, why choose our greenhouse shade cloth? Well, for starters, they're built to last. We believe that when you invest time and love into your greenhouse, every accessory should uphold that commitment.

Our carefully selected materials and state-of-the-art technology make our shade cloth not only durable but also efficient in its job.

Top Reasons to Use Shade Fabric For Plants

Choosing the right greenhouse shade cloth is like picking the perfect partner for your plants. Here's what ours brings to the table:

Guarding Against UV Rays: Just as too much sun isn't great for us, harmful UV rays can be damaging to plants. Our shade cloth effectively filters these rays, ensuring your plants stay safe and sound.

Balancing Temperature and Moisture: Nobody likes a sweltering room, and your plants are no different. Our shade cloth helps maintain a balanced atmosphere, making sure it's not too hot or too humid for your plants.

Keeping Moisture in Check: Too much sunlight can make the soil dry out quickly. With our shade cloth, your plants will retain the right amount of moisture, cutting down on watering chores and plant stress.

Vapor Barrier Supply is more than just a brand; it's our pledge to you and your plants. Our greenhouse shade cloth is a testament to our dedication to quality and care. Let your plants thrive in comfort under the protective embrace of Vapor Barrier's trusted shade solution.

Picking the Perfect Shade Fabric Percentage

When it comes to greenhouse shade cloth, one size doesn’t fit all. Plants, like us, have their comfort zones. At Vapor Barrier Supply, we’ve combined experience with passion to offer you a spectrum of shade cloths in various colors and intensities. Let’s break down the color choices and what they can do for your green space:

Tan Greenhouse Shade Cloth

A neutral choice, the tan shade cloth adds a warm aesthetic while efficiently diffusing sunlight. It's a fantastic option for a balance between light penetration and shade, making it versatile for various plant types.

Gray Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Gray is all about moderation. This shade cloth reduces light intensity without drastically altering the color spectrum reaching your plants. It's excellent for regions with moderate sunlight, ensuring your plants don't get overwhelmed.

Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Black shade cloth offers superior protection against intense light. It absorbs and diffuses sunlight, making it ideal for areas with strong, direct sunlight. Your plants will thank you for the consistent shade, especially during those scorching summer months.

White Greenhouse Shade Cloth

The white shade cloth reflects light more than it absorbs, offering a cooler environment for your plants. It's perfect for regions prone to overheating, as it helps in maintaining a stable temperature inside the greenhouse.

To make an informed choice, consider the plants you're cultivating and the specific climate of your region. Unsure which one to go for? Don't worry; Vapor Barrier’s experienced team is here to guide you to the perfect fit.

How Much Will 40% Greenhouse Shade Cloth Reduce Temperature?

When deployed properly, you can expect the 40% black shade cloth to reduce temperatures by approximately 5-10°F, creating a cooler and more conducive environment for plant growth and health. We offer 40% greenhouse shade cloth in black.

How Much Will 50% Shade Fabric Reduce Temperature In a Greenhouse?

Utilizing a black 50% greenhouse shade cloth is a strategic move to manage greenhouse temperatures. This particular shade density effectively mitigates the sun's direct impact, contributing to a noticeable temperature decrease. When you use 50% black shade cloth, you can expect a temperature reduction of about 10°F.

So, Use Our Shade Cloth For Your Plants?

Well, because we're not just selling products. We're sharing our love for gardening and our years of expertise. With Vapor Barrier Supply, you get:

Quality You Can Trust: We’re all about durability and efficiency.

Friendly Expert Advice: We’re here, always ready for a chat about plants and your greenhouse shade cloth needs.

Value for Money: Top-tier quality without the hefty price tag. 

Ready to give your plants the comfort they deserve? Explore our range of greenhouse shade cloths and find your perfect match. Let's make your greenhouse the paradise it was meant to be.