Black Plastic Film

Tough---Top Quality---Waterproof---Multipurpose uses---Full Weight product

Poly-Cover plastic sheeting is available in 4 mil, 6 mil and even 10 mil.  

MADE IN THE U.S.A., POLY-COVER plastic sheeting is the best choice for tough Construction and Agriculture applications.  This Poly-Cover plastic sheeting meets the full honest weight standard!

Excellent for construction and meets most building code specifications.  Complies with the ASTM D-4397, NBS PS17-69 and the National Bureau of standards Handbook 130 and 133.

Great for outdoor application due to its sun-resistance.

A must have for mold remediation.  Best product for RRP, renovation, repair and painting.

Common uses:

Moisture barrier for concrete.

Vapor Barrier for indoor construction.

Drop Cloths

Emergency Closure

Storm Window

Material Cover

Agriculture....Weed control.  Moisture control.  etc.  

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