Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth is an vital product for any grower or greenhouse. Shade cloth provides UV protection for your plants and diffuses the correct amount of light to provide the best growing climate possible. Shade Cloth also improves ventilation, reduces water requirements, and helps moderate greenhouse temperatures.

Our shade cloth for plants comes in different colors and light diffusion percentages. We have 50%-85% in light blockage percentage. The percentage listed on each shade cloth product is a light diffusion percentage. The amount of light diffusion that is needed depends on the type of plant you are growing and the climate you are located in. 

We carry three different colors of Shade cloth which are: tan, gray, and white

Shade fabric can be added to any structure or device. The edges of our shade fabrics are unhemmed, which gives you the freedom to use and hang our product any way you need. We offer Nylon Grommets with each shade cloth as well to help with hanging it. 

85% Tan Shade Cloth

85% Tan Shade Cloth

The best in shade cloth for plants! This material provides UV protection for your plants, improves v..


75% Gray Shade Cloth

75% Gray Shade Cloth

The best in shade cloth for plants! This material provides UV protection for your plants, improves v..


Black Shade Cloth

Black Shade Cloth

For plants and greenhouses - This material provides UV protection for your plants, improves ventilat..


50% White Shade Cloth

50% White Shade Cloth

The best in shade cloth for plants! This material provides UV protection for your plants, improves v..


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What is Shade Cloth And What Does It Do?

Shade cloth is a lightweight shade netting made from low-density polyethylene and designed to block a certain amount of sunlight and UV Rays. We offer shade fabric for plants  and buildings in 50% - 85%. Shade fabric allows air flow, it can store and release heat quickly - allowing your plants to stay cool. 

What Does the Percentage Mean for Shade Cloth?

The shade fabric percentage is the amount of light that the particular shade fabric will block. The higher the percentage, the more light the shade fabric will block. 60-90% shade fabric is commonly used in construction and residential to protect construction sites or greenhouses to provide more shade for people and plants. 

What Color Shade Fabric Do You Carry?

Our shade fabric comes in both Black, White, Gray, and Tan with varying light blocking percentages. The color of shade fabric does not change the amount of light it will block or how much heat will get through to your plants.

Can I Use Shade Fabric For My Greenhouse?

Yes! Shade fabric can be used as a covering for a greenhouse. Shade fabric will help protect plants from the sun and it won't prevent any water from getting through to your plants and will help their growth. 

How is Shade Cloth Sold?

We offer a wide range of widths and lengths for all of our shade cloth. If you have a custom or bulk order, please contact us. Smaller sizes may be shipped folded, while larger shade cloth sizes will be sent as a roll.

Woven VS. Knitted Shade Fabric

Farm Plastic Supply carries knitted shade fabric for plants. Knitted shade material is a much more lightweight and durable shade fabric than woven shade material.  Both woven and knitted shade fabric will work for reducing sunlight, but our knitted material works better to keep plants from overheating due to its heat dissipation attributes.

Is Shade Cloth Waterproof?

Yes, shade cloth is waterproof. Water or moisture will not damage the shade fabric material. While shade fabric is waterproof, it will not block water from reaching your plants, giving you the benefit of permeability while still blocking harsh sunlight.

How Do I Install Shade Fabric?

Our shade fabric is easy to install with clips or grommets. The edges of our shade netting are unhemmed, giving you the freedom to use the shade fabric any way that you want.  Grommets are available in each product if you scroll down and go to related products. Shade fabric can be added to a greenhouse, hoop house, used as a patio covering, and more!

Benefits Of Using Shade Cloth For Plants

Shade cloth is mainly utilized to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that your plants get. This helps to reduce heat stress during the sunny and hot summer months. In some climates, you may need to use shade fabric for plants all year. 

How Much Will Shade Cloth Reduce Temperature?

While the percentage will tell you how much light the shade cloth will block, it does not tell you how much it well reduce the temperature. Air flow and humidity will play a role in determining how much temperature is reduced. A 60-85% shade fabric used on a greenhouse with good ventilation can lower temperatures by at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit.